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Website Content: What’s Key at Launch

April 26, 2011

You’re building a website to launch a new B2B enterprise startup that, like every startup, wants to launch to unanimous market validation by the press, analysts and the blogosphere. At launch, the CEO wants to fill the sales pipeline by attracting interest from prospects in your target market as measured by site traffic, downloads of product collateral and requests for proposals and demos.

How much content do you need on your website for launch?  What is “good enough” when it comes to content?

When we’re preparing to launch a startup (after nailing down the positioning, value proposition and customer acquisition model) we start with sales.  We talk to sales to identify the must-have tools to engage prospects and support lead generation campaigns.  That examination tells us what kind and how many tools are needed to initiate, cultivate and accelerate sales.  Then, we review that list with marketing.  Marketing has more constituencies to reach at launch including market analysts, press and partners.  And the same assets rarely serve all audiences.

After talking to sales and marketing and vetting the list against the constraints of budget and time, our minimum recommendation is as follows:

3 White Papers:  one on the product, one on the architecture and one that explains the business value of the new solution.

Data Sheets:  one for each key product component that explains the customer benefits of the IP.

Customer Validation:  case studies are a wonderful thing, but short of that, actual customers who can “endorse” the product need to be part of content at launch.

Company Story:  what problem was the company founded to solve; why should the market care; and what are the bona fides of the team.

But, that assumes that quality is included.

Well-written sales and marketing tools must describe the customer benefits of specific product performance claims, be differentiated from your competitors, and include actual third-party validation by customers and partners.  We can debate the amount of content needed for launch, but “good enough” depends mostly on the quality of your message, the proof points and the validation by third-parties.

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