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Four New Terms Shaping Startup Marketing

May 31, 2011

Words matter.

In the business of startup marketing, we begin with positioning.  And in a very fundamental way, positioning takes definition in the words we choose to describe the mission of your company and the value of your product.

That’s why we pay attention to words.

Here are four new ones that are jumping out at us:

Stealthy– Two weeks ago, U.S. military officials described the specially modified, radar-evading helicopters used in the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound as stealthy.  Yes, said helicopters had many stealth features.  But the helicopters themselves were, well, stealthy.  Maybe there’s a new stealthy startup out there in need of some marketing assistance.

Care-abouts–  This new term is the label for the key motivators that will compel a prospect to buy (or to move to the next stage in the buying cycle.)  For example, a CIO’s care-abouts for new system software might be scalability, interoperability and security.  The next time you’re reading an e-newsletter, see if the sender ticked off your care-abouts.

Content farms- Demand Media is the poster child for companies that crank out volumes of low-quality content, sometimes using offshore writers, in order to game the search engines into ensuring that their sites rank high in organic search.

Word vomit–  Demand Media has been hammered in the press over their content farms that regularly project volumes of words (hence the analogy) that are low quality.  Thankfully, Google recently tuned their algorithm to punish content farms and that nasty word vomit.  Thank you, Google.

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